What is SightDeck?

Sightdeck, developed by iMatte, is a fully integrated display system, camera system, compositing system, presentation system, full HD production system and broadcast studio; all in one system for one price.

  • Distance Collaboration
  • Virtual Studio Redefined
  • Virtual Classroom
Visible / Invisible Prompting
Real-time Editing
  • Conference Room Redefined

Anyone using telepresence systems on a regular basis knows the experience does not deliver a complete solution. When it comes time for a presentation where real time integration of graphics and images are needed, SightDeck is the only system that can deliver breath taking results.

  • Each presenter and audience sees first generation graphics.
  • Each presenter can see, touch and interact with the graphics on the screen.
  • Each audience sees the presenter at their location side-by-side with the life-size presenter from the other location. 4 presenters in different locations can interact in real time.
  • No complex studio setup.
  • No camera operator.
  • No green screens.
  • No special lighting.
  • SightDeck is a positive experience whether it’s one-to-one or one-to-many.

SightDeck in 106 seconds

SIghtDeck Mobile

SightDeck Mobile provides real time collaboration; on location.  Using the camera in a tablet computer, such as an iPad, a video conference is called-in to the SightDeck location. The client at the location, using the rear camera, frames on the problem to be addressed.

The SightDeck consultants view the clients camera output on their SightDeck screen.  Multiple SightDeck locations can participate. The output of the SightDeck is returned to the client to view on their screen. The consultants can direct the clients camera view and direct the positioning of physical objects to clearly asses the problem being discussed.  As questions are posed the SightDeck consultants can respond with discussion, pointing and notation directly on the screen for all to see.  The end result is a new kind of collaboration offering immediate conflict resolution that will reduce delays from travel to construction sites along with an archived video of the questions and solutions offered.

The SightDeckKC show room is located at the historic Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. To experience SightDeck technology, please see our Contact Us page to email us for an appointment.

Start the video at the 11 minute mark.