Children’s Mercy Hospital and SightDeckKC

 Children’s Mercy Hospital and SightDeckKC
Who Made It? iMatte Inc., Telemedicine Department at CMH and SightDeckKC. 
Richard Welnowski, SightDeckKC, Morgan Waller & Lisa J Large, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Paul Vlahos, iMatte Inc.
Sector Serviced: Education, Health Services and Workforce Development
Technologies Used: Advanced wireless, Low-Latency, Gigabit to end-user
What it Does: Interactive collaboration with video, voice and graphics from several locations all layered together, visually organized into a real size, real time, intuative work platform.  
So What? All participants at different locations can see and collaborate with each other and manipulate any 2D or 3D graphics on the screen behind them. SightDeck collaborations and presentations address the needs of both local and distant particpants while simultaneously creating a video image ideal for streaming and recording. 
The application has wide areas of implementation: education, telemedicine, architectural-engineering, Government, art, business, military, and more.
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This project is seeking: exposure, experimentation, and use case studies.
Press Contact:
Jennifer Mott
(202) 441-2110
Acknowledgements: SightDeckKC, iMatte, Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics, EDC KC, Union Station Kansas City, DigitalDrive, Mozilla, US-Ignite, Kansas City Missouri Mayor’s office and City Manager office.