The Company

The mission of the Company is to help clients produce and distribute compelling interactive visual communications—beyond today’s telepresence communications–through the use of advanced technology including the SightDeck system.

Interactive visual communications includes 2D, 3D and HD video for use in real-time and recorded visual communications for redefined sales presentations, distance collaboration, didactic exchanges, product development, consulting, problem solving and other communication needs.

SightDeck functions as a virtual meeting room, virtual classroom and virtual studio to serve these needs.  As a hub for iMatte with its SightDeck technology, the Company will sell and service interactive visual communication technology systems (SightDeck), will provide support for creative content production, and will offer creative and distribution services on a per-project basis.

The Company’s goal is to become a first-choice provider of interactive corporate communication systems and creative content production for companies that need to solve interactive communication problems over wide-ranging geographic locations.  Over time, the Company will expand its client base to serve a diverse range of corporations and professional organizations on a local, regional and international basis, and thus increase quality jobs and economic growth for Kansas City.

The Company brings together two sets of resources.  One is the technical expertise of iMatte (a sister company of Ultimatte Corp.), a Los Angeles based hardware and software manufacturing company with thirty-five years of experience building tools for broadcast and motion picture industries. Ultimatte Corp. has garnered both Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oscar Awards and an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award.  Under the leadership of Paul Vlahos, CEO, iMatte pioneered and produces the revolutionary SightDeck technology.  SightDeck is a fully integrated display system, compositing system and presentation system with full HD production and broadcasting uses for real-time video communication and interaction.

The second resource comes from Richard Welnowski and his more than twenty-five years of ground-breaking work in filmmaking and visual effects for film and television.  Richard’s extensive achievements include a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects.  Mr. Welnowski has pushed the boundaries of Ultimatte technology for over twenty five years and has developed a close working relationship with Mr. Vlahos and the staff at iMatte. Thus, the Company and its relationship with iMatte and its SightDeck system is a natural outgrowth of the highest levels of professional expertise and collaboration.