Products and Services

The Company sells and services SightDeck presentation technology, which is a fully integrated display system, camera system, compositing system, HD production system and broadcast system.  Companies and professional organizations will use SightDeck technology for individuals from geographically separate locations to engage in real-time and recorded interaction and appear on screen as though they are together in a single space.

During an on-screen appearance, the space that individuals appear to be occupying together can be physical space, virtual space, or first-generation still and/or moving images of any kind.  In addition, individuals can simultaneously manipulate as well as write and draw on interactive digital displays.  Moreover, SightDeck technology enables companies to generate real-time and/or recorded videos at a small fraction of the cost compared to any other technology system.  The Kansas City based Company also provides creative content production based on the same SightDeck technology.

The Company will market its products and services to companies and professional organizations that need more robust and innovative interactive visual communications—especially telepresence communications–than is currently available in the market place.  There is no other interactive visual communications or telepresence technology like SightDeck, the system around which the Company is built.

There are other telepresence companies, but their systems offer fewer features and fall short when real-time integration people, graphics and images are needed. The Company offers a major strategic advantage over all other interactive visual communications companies.

Only SightDeck KC offers a comprehensive SightDeck experience for its customers, which provides the highest levels of production and distribution quality while reducing significant production and post-production costs.  The Company will serve as a valuable new communication resource for institutional areas such as art and design, architecture, business, communications, education, government, medical, military, science, and technology.

Customers are companies and professional organizations that wish to overcome geographic obstacles to facilitate collaboration, interaction and communication.   No technology other than SightDeck can generate real-time videos of individuals from separate geographic locations who appear on screen as though they are occupying a single space and who can each interact with on-screen interactive displays.  Thus, SightDeck offers the customer, a singular market advantage that the SightDeckKC and iMatte will enhance with technical service and a full-range of world-class creative content production services.